Red Hat Mobile Portfolio Center Visits Visa
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Join your Red Hat Visa account team to tour our mobile portfolio center and explore the latest in open source innovations for your payments technology initiatives. We invite you to learn more about the technologies included in the Mobile Portfolio Center via the resources below or one of the following options: - Request your custom training or custom workshops, contact - Accelerate your skills or become a Red Hat Certified Expert in one of the following focus areas: * Microservices Development * Business Process Design * IT, Network, or Security Automation * Containerized Application Development And more. To try Red Hat Learning subscription for free for 7 days, visit: Be sure to scroll to the bottom to learn about how other Financial Services companies are using these technologies to allow for faster time to innovation, lower operating costs, and decreased security risks. Account Inquiries? Contact Debbie Bunten, Visa Account Executive, , M: 415-515-0606 or Atiq Adamjee, Account Solutions Architect,, M: 917-743-8905.